My Biography of J. W. Young, Jr. is Now Available

Hello again,

Sorry for the hiatus. I had plans for a December blog, but they were put on hold when my publisher sent final pages for proofreading, and then for me to create an index. Now it’s done!  My biography of Joseph W. Young, Jr., the result of five years of research from California to the Adirondacks and points in between, and writing.


J. W. Young (1882-1934) was acknowledged as one of the five or six major city builders in 1920s Boomtime Florida. From practically nothing in 1920, he created Hollywood By-the-Sea with an elegant Beaux-Arts plan of circles and lakes, calling it a “City Beautiful,” based on the ideal propounded by Daniel Burnham of Chicago. Young had a rare talent for publicity and a knack for making and spending millions, supported by an immense personal charm that is still remembered decades after his death.  This first full biography of Young covers his start as city builder in turn-of-the-century California where new cities blossomed, in particular Long Beach, his move to Globe, Arizona, then on to Indianapolis, home of Carl Fisher who developed Miami Beach, his creation of Hollywood and of Port Everglades, his move to New York and the creation of his Adirondack resort, ending with his dreams to expand Hollywood and Port Everglades fulfilled after his early death.

219 pages, 66 images, footnotes, bibliography and detailed index. McFarland & Co. publishers  ISBN 978-0-7864-6880-5.  Available at all major book vendors.

I’ll post this now to keep the blog alive, and promise to be back in February.



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3 Responses to My Biography of J. W. Young, Jr. is Now Available

  1. merles1212 says:

    Congratulations, Joan! Your book promises to be informative and interesting! Good luck with it.

  2. Clive says:

    Looking forward to reading it. I love the cover.

  3. Clive Taylor says:

    Just got the book can I stop by some time so you can sign it for me?

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