This month’s post will range from 1897 to 1968,so browse around and see what interests you.

1927 HALLANDALE BECOMES PART OF HOLLYWOOD–AND LEAVES AGAIN. That’s right. Following the 1926 hurricane, the unincorporated town of Hallandale, still a farm community, votes to become a part of Hollywood.  Then in March, 1927 Hallandale reorganizes as a separate entity and is incorporated.

1897 HALLANDALE IS A SWEDISH COLONY. In March, 1897 a flyer is sent chiefly to farmers in Sweden advertising “Halland,” a “Swedish colony in south Florida, safe from frost.” The flyer, in Swedish, described the layout of the area being sold by Luther Halland, with whites living south of N.W. 3rd Street and blacks north of it. Swedish farmers do arrive, and the colony becomes known as Hallandale.

Incidentally, the Hollywood Kennel Club, or dog racing track, has always been in Hallandale.

1906 J.W. YOUNG HAD MORE THAN A DECADE IN REAL ESTATE BEFORE HOLLYWOOD. I have been asked if Hollywood was Joseph W. Young, Jr.’s first venture in land development. Far from it. Young had moved to Long Beach, California in 1902 and married Jessie there, and a year or so later he was established in local real estate. He was also a charter member of the Long Beach Elks Lodge no. 888. On March 28, 1906 he has the lead in a musical show, “A Night in Elkdom,” having written the script. In the program for that entertainment is an ad for “Young-Parmley Investment Company Real Estate and Investments,” With offices in Long Beach, Los Angeles and Alamitos Bay, California. Parmley was a relative of Jessie Young. Joseph Young soon goes into real estate development by himself.

Joseph Wesley Young, Jr. at 21, Long Beach CA 1902

Joseph Wesley Young, Jr. at 21, Long Beach CA 1902

For a good deal more about Young’s early career, see my biography.Young_cover

Photo of J. W. Young at age 21, left, courtesy Hollywood Historical Society.

Young pictured in the oval, at right, together with his Hollywood Beach Hotel, is in his forties.

MIAMI BEACH IS 100. Surely you have been reading about the city of Miami Beach’s centenary, incorporated in March, 1915. Congratulations to one of my favorite Florida cities.

How is this related to Hollywood? Answer: through Miami Beach founder, Carl Fisher. By 1918 Joseph Young was living in Fisher’s Indianapolis, where he chose to develop a land06Mickelson parcel adjacent to Fisher’s Speedway.

At left, Indianapolis Speedway. Young’s land development is to the right of this photo.  Photo by me.

Carl Fisher at that time was as famous as any movie star, for his wealth, his romances, his exploits racing cars, for building Miami Beach, and for creating the Dixie Highway, the first road from Chicago to Miami, to get people down to his tropical resort.

designed by Rubush & Hunter, who would soon be hired by J W Young

designed by Rubush & Hunter, who would soon be hired by J W Young

Left, Fisher’s Flamingo Hotel on Biscayne Bay, designed in 1919 by Rubush & Hunter. Postcard.

Joseph Young is one of those who follows Fisher to Miami–and in 1920 buys Florida land to build his own city.

Not only that, Young proceeds to hire Fisher’s architects, Rubush & Hunter, to design the majority of major buildings in Hollywood.

Young also hired away Fisher’s port developer, engineer Frank Dickey, who is the engineering brains behind North and South Lakes, and Port Everglades.1946 Hollywood aerialFrank Dickey, 1924

At left, aerial view of South and North Lakes, looking west, by Bill Veering, 1946. Courtesy Hollywood Historical Society.

At right, Frank Dickey in 1925.

For more on Miami Beach history, see the excellent PBS documentary with Miami historian Dr. Paul George, and read the detailed illustrated outline “Miami Beach a century and counting” by Andres Viglucci in the Miami Herald of March 22, 2015.

HOLLYWOOD TOPS MIAMI BEACH AS TOURIST MECCA.  Okay, so this was in March, 1968. According to the Sun-Tattler, Hollywood was in 11th place and Miami Beach was 12th as tourist Meccas. Both cities have changed considerably since then.

1918 HOLLYWOOD PIONEER SETTLERS ARRIVE. In March, 1918 Edith Cochran with her parents moves to Dania, as Hollywood doesn’t yet exist. Her father is a tomato farmer. Edith recalls watching as the engineers began surveying the empty land south of central Dania in the new city, starting in 1921. Then she began to work in Hollywood, and moved there. In 1976 as part of the Greater Hollywood Bicentennial Oral History Project, Don Cuddy interviews her. The Historical Society has the transcript of her interview and those of some 20 others. I include here a sample of the index to her interview to suggest the multitude of topics covered. Please contact the Hollywood Historical Society for more information about these oral histories.

[from the index to Edith Cochran’s oral history transcript]

Hollywood Building Supply Company, 1, 6
Hollywood Hills, 2, 7
Hollywood Beach Hotel, 6-7
Hollywood Hills Inn, 1, 5
House of Seven Gables, 2
1926, 5, 6
Kington building, 1
LaMonaca, Caesar, 4
Laubenthal, Mr., 3, 4, 7
Leach, Mrs., 9
Lindsley Lumber Company, 7
Little Ranches, 2
lot prices, 2, 3, 7
marimba band, 4

1920 ANOTHER HOLLYWOOD PIONEER, Tony Mickelson, who will join J. W. Young’s company later in 1920, is discharged from the U. S. Navy in Bremerton, Washington, on March 15, 1920. He had served throughout World War I on the battleship Wyoming.Bow of Wyoming, other ships at anchor. 1916. ACM coll.Tony's Navy tour. From the USS Wyoming, in North Sea 1917-8

At left, bow of the Wyoming as the ship enters Port au Prince, Haiti.

Photo collection of the Estate of A.C. Tony Mickelson

At right, bow of the battleship Wyoming on convoy duty, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, 1917.

Photo collection of the Estate of A.C. Tony Mickelson


1936. PRESIDENT’S (BRIEF) VISIT. On March 27, 1936 President Franklin Roosevelt comes into Port Everglades, changes ships, and leaves again.

1943 U.S. NAVY AIR NAVIGATION TRAINING SCHOOL IN HOLLYWOOD. Beginning in March, 1943 Hollywood takes an active part in World War II with training schools established in two of Young’s great hotels, the Hollywood Beach Hotel and the former Hollywood Hills Inn.Naval Air Gunners at Riverside, Mar 21 44US Navy at Beach Hotel Xmas 1943 O. Johnson card

At left, ceremony at the Naval Air Gunners School in the former Hollywood Hills Inn. The hotel looks somewhat the worse for wear, having served as a boys’ school, Riverside Military Academy for over a decade.

Photos courtesy Hollywood Historical Society

At right, one of the classes at the Naval Air Navigation School held at the Hollywood Beach Hotel, then a grand resort with quite sumptuous lodgings.

Below, top picture is the gilded dining room in the Hollywood Beach Hotel. postcard

Bottom photo of the Beach Hotel’s  dining room in 1943 as it serves as a mess hall for Naval Air Navigation trainees. Looking closely, it appears that this mess hall had waitresses.27. Beach Hotel dining room 1926 bill

US Navy at Beach Hotel  Dining Rm.(O. Johnson from M.Herald 6 43On March 9, 1943 the Bureau of Naval Aeronautics is communicating about a need for more trainers at the Air Navigation School in Hollywood, Florida, indicating that they have 36 but could use 70 to 100 more.  To fills needed positions like this, the Women’s Reserve had been created the previous year, known as the WAVES.

1917 WOMEN FIRST BECOME PART OF THE U.S. NAVY. On March 14, 1917, the then Secretary of the Navy declared that women could be Reservists, enrolled as Yeomen and working, for example, as radio electricians. Some of these Yeomen would join the WAVES in the Second World War.


Beach Hotel rooms 1930sNavigation: Burke, Withington, KrebsAt left, single and double rooms in the Hollywood Beach Hotel, late 1930s to early 1940s, from a brochure.

It would be interesting to know if the decorations were stripped and changed to Navy regulation bedding. One thing is for sure:  there were blackout curtains at the windows.

Courtesy Hollywood Historical Society

Image below from Hollywood Sun-Tattler

At right, the caption reads: “Preparing to go aloft for the first time in connection with their course at the Naval Air Navigation School at Hollywood Beach. Ensigns Madeline Burke, Virginia Withington, and Katherine Krebs stow their octants aboard a training plane. They are three of the WAVES who will serve as air navigation instructors on completion of the course.

1944 NAVAL AIR NAVIGATION SCHOOL TO LEAVE HOLLYWOOD. In March, 1944 the Navy announces that the Naval Air Navigation School is to be moved to Shawnee, Oklahoma. It had been moved to Hollywood just over a year previously from the University of Miami, and graduated a large number of navigators, including a small group of WAVES.

1944 VERA HAMMERSTEIN HEADS CANNING CENTER.  During the war, Fireman’s Community Hall at 1855 Polk Street was converted into the Victory Canning Center where Hollywood women canned fresh produce. The Rec 1955 Browardier HHS(By 1945 the building had become the Teen Recreation Center, or The Rec.)

On March 10, 1944 Mrs. Hammerstein,chairman of the canning center, put out a call to vegetable and fruit growers to “register any surpluses they may have which otherwise would go to waste.” These could be salvaged for canning. In Hollywood, 48 families had processed 3,648 cans during the 19 days the center had been open so far that year. One of the canners was my mother, Lamora Mickelson. As the cans weren’t provided with paper labels, we were never sure whether we would be getting tomatoes or grapefruit in Mother’s cans.Bond drive, Hammersteins, Johnnie's joint US Navy & TenEick pht

In the photo at right, Vera Hammerstein is seated far left,with the flower in her hair.  Beside her is her husband, C. P. Hammerstein. They and others are being treated to a steak dinner to thank them for their activities during war bond drives.

Courtesy Hollywood Historical Society.

1968 DO YOU REMEMBER “INTERAMA”?  Big news now in 2015 is about the huge mall to be installed in Miami. But earlier, in the 60s, another grand project was announced, called “Interama.” Interama, Mar. 6 1968

This was to be “the world’s first permanent international cultural and trade center.” A story in the Sun Tattler of March 6, 1968 has a map showing the location of the 1,700 acre site between Hollywood and Miami, “created from former swampland.” This appears to be where Aventura is now.

Interama would have areas for various South American nations to have pavilions, for education, entertainment and trade centers operating on a non-profit basis.

Gov. Claude Kirk and mayors from Miami to Palm Beach, including Hollywood mayor Maynard Abrams, met March 16, 1968 to discuss methods of gaining community support. To the best of my knowledge, Interama never materialized.

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  1. VR Anderson says:

    I continue to enjoy these articles, though we were a little late to the party: my family move to Dania in 1966. We visited Florida for the first time on 1958, we drove from NYC to Key West and flew home on a TWA Constellation, if I remember correctly. (It was quite a trip for a 9 year old.)

  2. Howard Garson says:

    The Interama land is where FIU is now, south of 163rd Street and east of US 1. There was another proposed use for the property after the Interama plan fell threw. Walt Disney wanted Dade County to give him the land to build a theme park. When the County Commission, in its infinite wisdom, said they would not give Disney the land, he found more amenable politicians in Orlando.

    • Thanks for the info. I was amused by the name “Interama.” It was a period when everything was a “rama”

      Think what the traffic would be like today if Disney HAD built there! Horrors!

    • George says:

      Walt Disney was already LONG into the process of buying land and planning Disney World in Central Florida by the time ‘Interama’ fell through. I lived in North Miami at the time. The notion that Disney World would have been built there instead is an enduring urban legend without an ounce of truth to it.

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