BOOK SIGNING DECEMBER 3, 2017.  I’m delighted to announce that the Friends of the Broward West Regional Library in Plantation have offered me a booth during their Holiday Shopping Bazaar this coming Sunday.  I will be there selling/signing copies of my biography Joseph W. Young, Jr. and the City Beautiful. A Biography of the Founder of Hollywood, Florida, so if you don’t have a copy yet, please stop by between noon and 5:00 pm Sunday. MickelsonPCardBackFinal

Signing at book launch, 1920s style. June 2013 Photo by Isa



I’ll be delighted to sign your copy! Photo by Isa

How I came to write the biography of Joseph W. Young: besides being a published biographer, I was born in Hollywood to parents who worked for J. W. Young in the 1920s. Growing up in Hollywood, I was familiar with the generation who worked with Young as he created his city. but by 2000 I realized that the story of Hollywood’s origins was no longer very well known. Someone should write Young’s biography, I thought, then realized that writer could be me. After five years of research, in Long Beach CA, Indianapolis, Hollywood, the Adirondacks, even Vineland NJ, steps along Young’s career, I’ve covered Young’s life from 1882 to his death in 1934, fully documenting it with 100 illustrations, index and bibliography.  If you are interested in Florida history, why not give it a try? For more about this book see my website:

But there’s more!

As Michal Sherring, I’ll also be selling/signing copies of my murder mystery Done For at the Danford. An Art Museum Mystery. This novel is set in fictitious Edgell, Massachusetts, where deaths seem to happen in the (also fictitious) old museum there called the Danford Cabinet of Curiosities and Art. JMickelsonDanfordFCdWebBlogTweet

The story:  As people connected to the collection of still life paintings she is preparing to exhibit start to die, newly-hired Curator Robin Grinling fears for her own safety. A stranger in Edgell, she has no close allies until a moody Boston art dealer and a local Marxist art critic begin to offer clues. Using her training in connoisseurship and iconography Robin sets about to identify the murderer quickly before others are done for at the Danford.


As I spent 30+ years as a museum curator and director, I write about museums from the inside, and suggest that given our training, museum curators make great sleuths!

For more about Michal Sherring and Done For, follow these websites:        and

So, please come meet biographer and mystery writer Joan Mickelson aka Michal Sherring, at the West Regional Library on Broward Boulevard at 84th, in Plantation, Sunday December 3, 2017 between noon and 5 p.m. I look forward to meeting you.


My next event:  as part of the Lecture Series put on by the Hollywood Historical Society, I will be speaking on April 15, 2018 at the Stirling Road Branch Library, 3151 Stirling Road, Hollywood 33312.  My topic is:  Bare Dunes, Broadwalk, Beach Hotel, Tent City, Monster Hurricane. J. W. Young’s Hollywood beach, rebuilt in the 30s and 40s.

For more on the lecture series see

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    And the picture of you is FABULOUS.

    Hope you sell lots of books.

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